Director Message


DAQ Logistics Sdn Bhd is set up and developed to assist any industry that produces, stores or receives temperature-sensitive commodities. As a reliable business partner to you, DAQ Logistics Sdn Bhd has its sector management approach that work hand in hand with customers to optimize the value proposition for your industry’s distinctive requirements as we know every industry has its own particular characteristics and supply chain needs.

We have expert teams of dedicated professionals who fully understand your business in-depth and to provide sustainable and simplified solutions that are right for your particular industry.

An effective cold chain management only can be developed if everyone involved understands their responsibility, role and the standards that should be applied. We, DAQ Logistics Sdn Bhd, truly understand that a handoff in the cold chain can have much more serious consequences which may affect substantial financial loss or cause harm to individuals or both. Therefore, DAQ Logistics Sdn Bhd has the expertise that gives you the control you need in cold chain management solutions.

I understand and believe that the essential key to our success is customer satisfaction and the creation of new value that entails us the preferred cold transportation of your choice. My main aim is to deliver total customer satisfaction with the provision of services more efficient and effectively. As such, DAQ Logistics Sdn Bhd has been a committed partner to frozen food industry, tailored solutions to meet the needs of business clients and to support the emerging environment as to grow the businesses domestically.

My goal is to establish and maintain long-term partnership with our customers by understand and to meet your changing requirements. With DAQ Logistics Sdn Bhd’s innovative and industry-specific solutions, I strongly believe that we able to create a competitive advantage for you.

“Management innovation is going to be the most enduring source of competitive advantage. There will be lots of rewards for firms in the vanguard.”Gary Hamel

Daniel Chin